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SEO full form

NoShort NameFull Name
1SEOSearch Engine Optimization.
2CPCCost Per Click.
3PPCPay Per Click.
4ROIReturn On Investment.
5SERPSearch Engine Results Page.
6RSSRich Site Summary.
7MRSSMedia Rich Site Summary (RSS).
8QDFQuery Deservers Freshness.
9TOSTerms Of Service.
10CMSContent Management System.
11CCTLDCountry Code Top-Level Domains.
12SWOTStrength Weakness Opportunity Threats.
13CTRClick Through Rate.
14PDFPortable Document File.
15GMSGlobal Monthly Searches.
16LUISLinguistic User Interfaces.
17OCROptical Character Recognition.
18CDNContent Delivery Network.
19CMSContent Management System.
20PLDProgrammable Logic Device.
21KEIKeyword Effectiveness Index.
22XMLExtensible Markup Language.

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