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Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow How fantastic English you all have spoken by watching last video I was confused by seeing your enthusiasm Anyone can start speaking English this much good.

It was unbelievable And that was the reason I checked every video personally and I even kept som as the story on our Instagram story Even you saw it. In today’s video, I became more active with your previous learning.

My intentions got more sure. In the last video, we learned to speak how to introduce ourselves. In today’s video I will make your learn, the work you do daily can be spoken in fluent english So come with full enthusiasm and with full excitement, let’s start Ahhhhh Friends, Our first work is wake up in the morning We get up from sleep Whatever you are, we do the first thing to get up So, we have to speak this English for first. As everyone does this work. that means “I wake up at 7 in the morning” So in english we will speak “I wake up” that means when you wake up from sleep.

then we will attach at followed up by timing, at “6:00am or 7:00am” In the morning that means I wake up at 7 in the morning is the meaning of this “with the ringing of my alarm” which means when alarm rings, I do get up from my bed With the ringing of my alarm means when alarm rings I get up I turned off the alarm means I press off button to stop alarm and get up What’s the difference between get up and wake up?

What’s the difference between get up and wake up? wake up means when we open our eyes from sleep get up means to come up from bed after all this, we go for a bath In English, it would be, then I have a shower. Shower means “to take a bath”.

Shower includes a brush and bath both. Normally you say bath or take a bath, but don’t speak that, instead speak “shower” As this is more impressive, in modern English. Wait editor, let me go to washroom first. Now after this what we do? after taking shower I get ready After having a shower I get dressed After getting a shower and wearing clothes what will we do next? we will obviously take have to breakfast in English, we will say I have my breakfast. What will I have? My Breakfast.

“have” means “to take” I have my breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day that means “which is the most important meal” We finished all the work in the morning and you learned to speak English for the same After having a bath and taking breakfast what we do? Either we go to school or colleges or work From school-college, I remembered that schools and colleges are closed you are sitting at home and you would be studying at home but while studying it is possible that you all would be having doubts. Even my small brother is getting doubts you know what I recommended for him?

An Application name of the app is doubtnut. I recommended him as i knew about doubtnut it’s an application, from 6th – 12th, from IIT, JEE and NEET whichever doubt you have, you can clear from the app that too by getting video solution my small brother remained tensed the moment he installed this app he got an immense advantage, he gets video solution and whenever he get stuck he looks into it and does further study so even I will recommend you to download this app, you will get many advantages you will get benefit in learning from home situation you will get benefit in learning from home situation the link is given in the description box you can download the application from their now, what were going to do? we were about to go to colleges, school, coaching institute or office what will be English framed like?

So we will translate it as I always go to, now say the place you are going to my work, to my office, to my school at and then say the time, let assume after 7 you go to your school at 8 then you will speak “I always go to my school at 8’O clock” this is how you will frame the sentence now this sentence you have to speak after this we will speak as I am punctual I can’t be late can’t means cannot that I can’t be late now let’s see from start to end what we spoke and how much fluent we are looking now we will start from the morning, I wake up at 7 in the morning with the ringing of my alarm then I turned off my alarm and get up the I have a shower and after having a shower I get dressed I have my breakfast which is the most important meal of the day I always go to my office at 9’o clock as I am punctual, I cannot be late like this you all will speak, even you will look fluent my lion and lioness just like the last video you were given unique homework and you all did it nicely this time too you will get unique homework Just wait for it as I will say it further what will be your homework we just said English sentences from morning to afternoon we started saying English sentences now lets come in the afternoon what we do in the afternoon, we eat food what will be the English for this? I have my lunch at the office, at school, at work I have my lunch at the office, at school, at work, at the institute wherever you go for work or study. completed this much, yes I eat my food and tell where you eat your lunch. Now let’s move ahead now you can tell something related to food what can you say?

your favourite cuisine whats cuisine? cuisine means your favourite dish, your favourite recipe so here you can say Rajma chawal is my favorite cuisine mouthwatering so even you can say your favourite cuisine so after this, we will go-ahead we will come in the evening’s time. What you can speak at evening’s time On television, I like to watch the news in the evening it means that on TV I like to watch the news that too in evenings timing I also read books that mean “I also read books” so this is how you can describe evenings work now let’s move ahead. What’s next? you can even include your general talks like what you do etc you love to hang out with friends so you will say “I like to go to roam with my friends means “I love to go outside with friends” roam means to hang out now let comes tonight, so what word to sentences will you use? I go to bed early as it keeps me fit which means “I love to sleep early as it makes me healthy”.

which means I love to sleep early as it makes me healthy. from the morning we came to the evening and then finally night and we learned English sentences Now, what’s your homework? the sentences that I have taught you English that I taught you for whole day u have to speak it in one go with fluency and take your short clip and send me to the Instagram and take your short clip and send me to the Instagram so even if you have any doubt, you can get video solution by downloading doubtnut app, that too free you will get the link from the description and if you want to ask anything in personal then even I have given you personal id for Instagram you can ask me doubts there and if you want any kind of inspiration that you can ask me that too I can even help you to come out of fear so click your short clips and from today and from this moment only start speaking and stay tuned with dearsir channel and if you haven’t subscribed the channel yet then do subscribe it fast as we have even created other videos for you as well, so do see that and do not forget to follow us on Instagram even press bell icon so whichever video is going to come you won’t stay unaware now we will meet in the next video with the next topic till then stay tuned with dearsir.

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