No Sort name Full form 1 IDLE Integrated Development Environment 2 PERL Practical extraction and Reporting language 3 JSON JavaScript Object Notation 4 CSV Comma Separated Values 5 Xml Extensible Markup Language 6 API Application Programming Interface 7 ADS Online advertising 8 GML General Linear Model 9 CRM Customer relationship […]

No Sort name Full name 1 OHA Open Handset Alliance 2 SDK Software Development Kit 3 GNU General Public License 4 C2DM Cloud to device Messaging 5 NFC Near Field Communication 6 SNI Server Name Indication 7 AVF Android vpn Framework 8 VPN Virtual Private Network 9 DRM Digital rights […]

No Sort name Full name 1 VLDB Very Large Database 2 RDL Report Definition Language 3 DTS Data Transformation Service 4 ETL Extract Transform and Load 5 UID Unique Identification 6 SSAS SQL Server Analytic Services 7 SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services 8 SSIS SQL Server Integration Services 9 SQLcLR […]


Hindu mythology says cow is another mother of the Hindu people, do Hindu people called as Gomata (Cow as the Divine Mother). All cows are female and males are called bulls or steer. Before having a calf for the very first time, a female is called a heifer. Once she has her first calf, she […]


Technology is improving every day.Modern day technology has changed the lifestyles of people.World population is increasing fast.A comfortable dwelling place is everyone’s common dream.But due to increasing population it may not be possible for an individual house.So big flats can easily accommodate number of families together.This may be the reason […]


Aries: – This week will give mixed results for you. Whatever you say at this time, speak very thoughtfully. Avoid making hasty decisions at the workplace early in the week. Income remains constant, but expenses will also remain. You may have some health problems in the middle of the week. To maintain good family atmosphere […]

According to today’s Yoga, time is good for traders. Today you refrain from lending money to anyone. Today you can give any old borrowed tension. Today, even the working people need to be careful. There may be problems in your office today. Today you may have tension with anything. Today you can have a dispute with […]