C# Education Programming full form

NoShort NameFull Name
1ASPActive Server Page.
2VB.NETVirtual Basic (.NET).
3OSOperating System.
4CLRCommon Language Runtime.
5BCLBase Class Library.
6IISInternet Information Service.
7URLUniform Resource Locator.
8ISAPIInternet Server Application Program Interface.
9UIUser Interface.
10GUIGraphical User Interface.
11ASPXActive Server Pages eXtended.
12CLSCommon Language Specification.
13CTSCommon Type System.
14JITJust In Time.
15CLICommon Language Infrastructure.
16SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol.
17WSDLWeb Service Description Language.
18CSSCascading Style Sheet.
19CSClass Source.
20ADOActiveX Data Object.
21CRUDCreate, Read, Update and Delete.
22OLEDBObject Linking and Embedding, Database.
23COMCommon Object Model.
24ODBCObject Database Connectivity.
25XHTMLExtensible Hyper Text Markup Language.
26SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language.
27W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium.
28DTDDocument Type Definition.
29XSDXML Schema Definition.
30UDDIUniversal Description, Discovery and Interface.
31RDFResource Description Framework.
32RSSRich Site Summary.
33YSODYellow Screen of Death.
34SSIServer Side Includes.

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