Education J2EE Web Development Programming

Advanced Java full form

NoShort NameFull Name
1J2EEJava2 Enterprise Edition.
2JDBCJava Database Connectivity.
3JSPJava Server Page.
4RMIRemote Method Invocation.
5EJBEnterprise Java Bean.
6EISEnterprise Information Service.
7JSFJava Server Faces.
8J2MEJava2 Micro Edition.
9HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol.
10SQLStructure Query Language.
11DBMSDatabase Management System.
12RDBMSRelational Database Management System .
13JSPSJava Server Pages.
14APIApplication Programming Interface.
15JSJava Services.
16JMSJava Massage Service.
17JTAJava Transaction API.
18JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface.
19JMJava Mail.
20ODBCObject Database Connectivity.
21EJBSEnterprise Java Bean.
22DSNDeep Space Network.
23OCIOracle Call Interface.
24JVMJava Virtual Machine.
25JDKJava Development Kit.
26SDKSoftware Development Kit.
27UDTUser Defined Type.
28DTDDocument Type Decryption.
29JARJava Archive.
30MVCModal View Controller.
31POJOPlain Old Java Object.
32MDBMassage Driven Bean.
33ORMObject Relational Mapping.
34H-SQLHibernate Structure Query Language.
35RRLRemote Reference Layer.
36RSSReach Site Summery. (Really Simple Syndication.)
37CGICommon Gateway Interface.
38CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture.
39HTMLHyper Text Markup Language.
40XMLeXtensible Markup Language.
41SAXSimple API from XML.
42DOMDocument Object Model.
43URLUniform Resource Locator.
44HTTPSHyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
45ASPActive Server Page.
46SSIServer Side Includes.
47IOCInversion of Control.
48AOPAspect Oriented Programming.
49DAOData Access Object.
50JDOJava Data Objects.
51CPUCentral Processing Unit.
52OXMObject XML Mappers.
53SpELSpring Expiration Language.

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