Trust is the root of a strong relationships.


Our life is like machine which is connected with each other. One is unable to work without another. Our life is connected with relationship. And relationships is like a part of that machine. Relations are made from our heart. And our heart is made of trust. Trust is the root of a strong relationships. When we are able to believe anyone or trust anyone then we are able to share a relationship with them. They can came close to our heart. They are able to become a nearer and dearer. Trust is the meaning of our life. The strongest part of our heart. The most important part of a relationship. It’s like mirror but the thing is when it break down anybody can’t joint it. Which relationship has no trust that is not a relationship. The trust grow up with time and become strong. Sometimes truth is unable to break this trust. A person can sacrifice his life for this trust. Isn’t it amazing. When we have any secret and we want to share it with our partner then in that time our action and feeling describe the strongness of that relationship. Suspensions is the nature of human. But in a trust worthy relation there is no place for suspension. Sometimes we fight with our partner but in that case our love is hidden behind our argument. Truth is when anybody without us suspect on our partner then our trust stand with them. It is the nature of trust. May be it is the weakness of a relationship but the truth is it is the strongest point of a relationship. Nicely it make the relation strong. Then the moral is truth is the root of a strong relationships. Whenever we need a relationship we have to make sure that we have to trust them.

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