The popular Spice company MDH of India has lost its founder recently


It is a year in which we are observing loss of many famous personalities from different fields of life .It is unfortunate to know that founder of Famous Spice brand from India MDH has passed away recently due to cardiac arrest. Dharampal Gulati was the founder and CEO of popular spice brand MDH which was started in the early 1950s by Gulati in the old Delhi.It is one of the leading and oldest spice brand of India .He was admitted in to the hospital almost a month back due to his ill health and was not able to recover from it and passed away after having a cardiac arrest recently.

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He belonged to Pakistan and came to Delhi with his family after the India Pakistan partition happened in the year 1947.It was his will and determination that he started a small spice shop in the old Delhi and with his hard work and years of dedication in this field achieved a position of one of the leading spice brand in the world.It was his hardwork and pure dedication towards his field that he was rewarded with Padma Bhushan by the present President Of India Shri Ram Nath kovind in the last year 2019.It should be noted that he was regarded as most inspirational entrepreneur from India with his spice business spread across almost 50 countries in the world.

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He was recently ranked as Highest paid CEO of India in the FMCG sector. It is amazing to know that after failing in many work opportunities he picked up field of spices which happened to be his ancestral business which was started in the Pakistan by his ancestors with the name MDH which later became the famous spice brand of the world. He was physically active till his last years and was involved in many social activities for the welfare of people of this country. It is a fact that while there are millions of spice brands in India it is impossible to replace the MDH spice brand in the generations to come in the future.

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