That was true back in the beginning, too. So imagine how much time it took, in the early days with the original 13 states, to collect, tabulate and certify the votes of the eligible ballots. Imagine, too, the time it took to get the necessary information to all relevant authorities […]

[1] Aries – Today you will use your inherent energy to overcome adversity with courage and confidence. Your positive attitude will help you achieve new milestones. Today, you will get full support of seniors and colleagues in the field. You need to be careful in matters related to money, avoid […]

Only a few days ago, Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 5, has been released in hundreds of regions, ushering in a new era of video games and consoles. However, like its direct contenders, the Xbox X Series and Xbox Series S, inevitably, you will not have some errors and problems […]

Our life is like machine which is connected with each other. One is unable to work without another. Our life is connected with relationship. And relationships is like a part of that machine. Relations are made from our heart. And our heart is made of trust. Trust is the root […]