How to make a Blog for FREE: Which site to choose?

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Are you good at typing? Do you write well? Then a Blog is exactly what you need. Dont worry about money, you can also make one for free.

There are many sites out there that helps you create a free website with no programming/development knowledge. The only con of this is the domain/URL. They will add their site name to your blog. The most popular sites are:

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  • blogger

This is a very simple blog making website. They add “blogspot” to our URL. This is great for beginners and this concentrates only on the content and not the way it looks. There are many users who earn money using blogger.

You can make it look better by downloading plugins.

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  • WordPress

This is easy to use as well and has many options for you to choose from. There are many templates and themes. You can also download other themes and plugins as well. This uses the email id as the domain name with “wordpress” in it. This is a major drawback as you dont get to edit the name as you like.

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  • Wix

This is my personal favorite. I have friends who uses this and their feedbacks are quite positive and they are happy with their service. This also uses your email id as the domain name with “wixsite” present in it. You can create multiple sites and pages. They too have many templates/themes to choose from. You can edit it how ever you like it to be.

You can add Stores and many other elements into your website.

There are many useful plugins and apps that can help you with building an amazing website for yourself that too with no cost.

I would suggest you use wix. Edit the SEO section to reach more people. This shows how your post will show up in google searches. Make it simple.

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