Drink Curry Leaf Tea to get rid of increasing weight quickly, learn the recipe for making it


new Delhi. To lose weight, people do not know how many hours of running, exercising and diet, but despite working hard for hours, people often do not lose weight quickly. If you are also in tension that you are not able to lose weight, then you should worry about this. Add this healthy and special tea to your diet.

Explain that the name of this special tea is ‘curry leaf tea’. By drinking curry leaf tea every morning, you destroy all the toxic substances in the body. Apart from this, it also increases the metabolic level of your body. Consuming it daily in the morning keeps your whole day full of energy.

Benefits of curry leaves

– If you also have digestive problems or are suffering from constipation, then you must take tea made of curry leaves. You will never have to face constipation problem. Apart from this, your stomach will also always be clean.

– Curry leaves make your skin very good. It also helps your skin fight free radicals.

Ingredients to make curry leaves tea

– 10 curry leaves

– 3 to 4 cups of water

– half inch ginger

– Lemon

– Honey

Method of preparation of curry leaves

To make curry leaf tea, you must first allow curry leaf ginger to boil on low flame for 15 minutes. Turn off the gas when it boils.

– Leave the cover above it to cover 10 minutes. Then filter it in a cup and separate it.

– then it Mix the lemon juice and honey. So take your curry leaf tea is ready.

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