Data Warehouse Full Form

BCA Data Warehouse
NoSort nameFull name
1VLDBVery Large Database
2RDLReport Definition Language
3DTSData Transformation Service
4ETLExtract Transform and Load
5UIDUnique Identification
6SSASSQL Server Analytic Services
7SSRSSQL Server Reporting Services
8SSISSQL Server Integration Services
9SQLcLRSQL common Language Runtime
10ODSOperation Data Store
11ScDSlowly changing Dimensions
12DDSDimensional Data Store
13NDSNormalized Data Store
14MDBMulti-Dimensional Database
15DSSDimensional Data Store
16OLAPOn-Line Analytical Processing
17SSDTSQL Server Data Tools
18SSMSSQL Server Management Studio
19BIMLBusiness Intelligence Markup Language
20BIDSBusiness Intelligence Development Studio
22ROLAPRelational On-Line Analytical Processing
23EDWEnterprise Data warehouse
24BIBusiness Intelligence
25DQSSQL Server Data Quality Services
26DQMData Quality Management
27DQAFData Quality Assessment Framework
28OLTPOn-Line Translation Processing
29KDDKnowledge Discovery In database

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