Construction of high flats and its technology

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Technology is improving every day.Modern day technology has changed the lifestyles of people.World population is increasing fast.A comfortable dwelling place is everyone’s common dream.But due to increasing population it may not be possible for an individual house.So big flats can easily accommodate number of families together.This may be the reason of increasing number of high buildings.In big cities we see many sky scrappers.Newyork have high towers from a long time.Empire estate building was the tallest building in the world.It is probably 101 storied building .World trade centre and many more. At present Burj Khalifa at Dubai is the tallest building in the world.It is recorded in the Guinness book of world record.It is also the fastest lift in the world .This unique building is 163 storied and having 57 lifts in it Burj Khalifa was inaugarated in June 2010.The architects and engineers do amazing tremendous job in the completion of such modern buildings.Technology’s challenge in this regard is highly appreciated.Such buildings are said to be built to keep the buildings as earthquake resistive.In our cities also it is seen that many upto 15 storied buildings are coming up in recent times .Many are under construction .Such sky scrappers are seen in different cities of the whole world.Singapore, London, Chicago, Shenghai, Moscow,  Sanfranscisco,Abu Dhabi are few cities where some tallest buildings are found located.Such buildings are used as residential hotels or shopping complex and other purposes.The design and architecture of  such sky scrappers varies according to therequirements.There may be many new changes and new skysrcppers will be coming up in different parts of the world. Evolution of skyscrapers are going on .In school days in a lesson read,”If you build a high tower without proper support it is always liable to fall down to the levels of the lower buildings.” There may be many advantages and disadvantages in planning & constructing such buildings.

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