Android Full Form

Android BCA
NoSort nameFull name
1OHAOpen Handset Alliance
2SDKSoftware Development Kit
3GNUGeneral Public License
4C2DMCloud to device Messaging
5NFCNear Field Communication
6SNIServer Name Indication
7AVFAndroid vpn Framework
8VPNVirtual Private Network
9DRMDigital rights Management
10MAPMessage Access Profile
11AEPAndroid Etension Pack
12ADTAndroid Development Tools
13JDKJava Development Kit
14AVDAndroid Virtual Device
15DVMDalvik Virtual machine
16AAPTAndroid Assert Packaging Tool
17IPCInter Process Communication
18DPIDots Per Inch
19GPUGraphics Processing Units
20DDMSDalvik Debug Monitor Server
21DAOData Access Object
22GPSGlobal Positioning System
23LBSLocation Based Services
24MGRSMilitary Grid Reference System
25QOsQuality Of Service
26IDEIntegrated Development Environment
27DAEDigital Asset Echange
28RPCRemote Procedure calls

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