7 Playstation 5 bugs and issues in its release

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Only a few days ago, Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 5, has been released in hundreds of regions, ushering in a new era of video games and consoles.

However, like its direct contenders, the Xbox X Series and Xbox Series S, inevitably, you will not have some errors and problems inside, and this time we will be counting 7 of those console failures created by Sony.

The new PS5 has many improvements based on what is shown on the PS4, such as its new custom CPU and GPU, for example. Also, it integrates a new ultra-high-speed SSD that returns to shorter loading times, allowing the most powerful video games to perform wonders. However, the console has some bugs that have become echoed and here you will see the most important ones.

PS5 stops at the home screen

Since its release, there have been several reports of hundreds of users globally, which ensure that they have had to restart the console because it gets stuck while on the restart screen, which can result in a much bigger problem if the console continues to do that regularly.

Cannot connect to PlayStation Network

This is perhaps the most common problem that has been reported since the console output and is that in its time it happened with the PS4 in some cases, which in the end could be solved. For this occasion, if you have problems with the machine in this section, the best thing you can do is check the status of the network service and the internet connection, which almost always turns out to be the problem, so pay attention to that section.

PlayStation 5 makes strange noises

Another problem that has been reported lately is that of a strange hum and noises coming from inside the console. For sure, at this time there is still no record of the cause or whether it has anything to do with hardware or software, but one of the most talked-about theories so far involves the coil. However, this information could not be verified and the best thing to do is to try to adjust the console stand to make as little noise as possible, either move it to a different location or change position, whether it is vertically or horizontally.credit: third party image reference

Console uninstalls games once discs are removed

Users have recently also reported an issue that according to the console uninstalls the games from their system once the disc is removed from the game in question. If this has happened to you or is happening to you now, we know a solution, which is that after inserting the game to the PS5, let her install the game herself, so you won’t have to press the Copy button manually.

The console has internal power issues

Does your PS5 lose power and power shortly after turning it on? Well, this is one of the many serious problems that have been going on since launch, meaning that your console will most likely suffer from an internal power failure. In this case, being quite serious, you’ll need to go directly to the PlayStation website and present your case to see if it’s eligible for the console to be repaired.credit: third party image reference

Sleep mode is giving more problems than expected

Between the last 4 or 5 days, too much news has emerged on the internet about this specific problem that is giving much of the consoles. In this case, the error causes several locks that actually require database rebuilding, which can even block the console itself. So, the best thing to recommend is to turn off the PS5’s sleep mode until Sony officially presents a stable solution.

Console throws an EC-108262-9 Error message

Last but not least, there is the report that many people have received error code CE-108262-9 on their consoles, which not only blocks games but also delays all menus and the system sometimes does not start. As the Android Central guys point out, if this flaw is happening to you on your machine, you’ll need to contact Sony directly to show them your case, which can result in the inside of the console is faulty.

We assume that as the days progress the company will send update patches to fix system errors… let’s hope they’re no more than commented on.

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